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Frank's Sputnik Replica - The Transmitter

In the Januar edition of the RAZzies magazine Frank Waarsenburg PA3CNO continued to report about building a replica of the original Sputnik 1 transmitter. In his interesting article he writes about the difficulties and obstacles he faced: Missing data for winding the coils, errors in 2p19b datasheets and a critical bug in the schematics. He described his approaches to tackle these problems and I was happy to read that he found my blog providing some useful information for him.

I think for everyone who is interested in understanding the Sputnik 1 transmitter or who wants even to build a replica Frank's article is a must read. Please note that the RAZzies is a Dutch HAM magazine. If you don't understand Dutch simply use the Google translator or similar tools in order to get a translation.

The image above shows Frank's version of the Sputnik 1 transmitter and a switching power supply build on a Veroboard.

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  • DL4KE

    2/27/2016 11:40:03 AM |

    UFB Project to save space history and also that of Samual Morse !
    Hpe we meet us on ham bands cw section wid that device. my own historical project is an AC1 Transmitter - that one used by US hams after WWII.


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